Our 5th Birthday Party!

A 5th year birthday is a milestone so we had to make it really special! And our princesses are really special, so I thought about a few birthday ideas and ran some of them pass the girls and we decided to try a movie night but on a much larger scale.  We sent out movie cinema invites asking our guests to dress like their favorite movie characters.  I had my sister go through a long list of kids movies that we haven’t had in constant rotation and we finally found not only one that we hadn’t seen but also had a part two being released a day before the party, perfect! Time to get the plan in motion.  Next an even better idea, let’s watch the movie under the stars- Drive in movie theater!  We ended up moving indoors because the mosquitoes were too rampant. Anyway I figured this year I’d try my hand at baking.  My first time ever making their birthday cake! But I thought, hey let’s give it a go! I found a cute Frankenstein cookie cutter at Michael’s along with tons of other baking tools that I thought would be essential to get the job done. Without further ado, here’s how I made the cake, cookies, and cupcakes.  Our goodie bags and how the party turned out!

IMG_5196IMG_5197IMG_5199IMG_5200IMG_5163 IMG_5171 IMG_5174 IMG_5176 IMG_5177 IMG_5181 IMG_5184 IMG_5186 IMG_5187 IMG_5191IMG_5144 IMG_5148 IMG_5151 IMG_5153 IMG_5157IMG_5127 IMG_5054IMG_5131 IMG_5143 IMG_5144 IMG_5145 IMG_5148IMG_5116 IMG_5117 IMG_5123 IMG_5127 IMG_5131 IMG_5096 IMG_5103 IMG_5109 IMG_5116 IMG_5117 IMG_5119IMG_5087IMG_5088IMG_5089IMG_5094IMG_5098IMG_5102IMG_5098CinemaTicket_Template_LikeMomAndApplePie (1)tumblr_nn8aomlNX91ree984o1_1280


2 thoughts on “Our 5th Birthday Party!

  1. absolutely amazing Lady. I have always had so much fun doing my daughter’s birthday parties. Can wait until her double digit for her next one.


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