The Hello Fresh tryout!

The Hello Fresh Tryout! I purchased a voucher from Zulily for Hello Fresh and my package has finally arrived. I was impressed with the overall packaging and how cold the meat still was even after sitting on the front porch in 91 degree weather. Each meal was individually packaged with its’ ingredients, underneath was all the meat. Thus far the only thing I can say is that I’m a little disappointed with the can goods because I’ve completely eliminated the use of them in my household, I guess I could always supplement those. Well here’s what the contents looks like. I’ll be preparing the meals throughout the week to let you know the ease, taste, and if gets the twins approval.image image image image image image image image image image image image

Our first meal was the Vietnamese beef stir-fry.

This meal has a good taste overall. The girls have it 4/5 stars.  I have a couple of issues with mechanics: for French green beans I wouldn’t cook them on 400 for 15 minutes, I checked them after about 7 luckily and they were done. The beef, I don’t like a lot of the gristle/fat. And last both of my red peppers were inedible. But I usually keep my fridge stocked with peppers. Again the overall taste was good. image image image image

Day 2: Cod Cioppino in Tomato Stew. Twin Tested 3/5 stars. The stew had an excellent flavor I think it would have been more enjoyable with a milder fish, perhaps shrimp or maybe chicken? The ingredients for this dish were really fresh and flavorful  the ease of preparation was great I was able to bathe the girls while cooking.  The bread was outstanding!

image image

The last meal, meal #3: Coriander & cumin crusted chicken with Israeli couscous salad. This was the the best meal in our kit, the girls have it an approval rating of 5/5 stars. The only alteration I made was carmelizing the shallots to lessen the rawness and sweeten them a bit! Overall I’ll say the convenience of having it delivered to our door was great. For a family that may be tired of their same meal routines this would be ideal. And outside of the 2 bad red peppers I really don’t have any complaints. The portions sizes were awesome by the way. I hope this review helps those considering ordering from Hello Fresh. If you can get a voucher it definitely makes the deal much sweeter.

image image


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