Circle of Life’s Passion

circle of life

Circle of Life’s Passion

Many of us develop a hobby or a passion for something early on in life and decide that life would feel rather empty without it.  But what happens when you reach that crossroad and find a new passion or reach a new chapter in your life where that passion no longer fits in? Do you decide that your new passion in life is no longer something that fits into your lifestyle or interest you even though you’ve done it for years? You actually made a business out of that passion, you thrived on the energy of that passion/hobby, you’ve poured love into it and enjoyed every minute of it.  Let’s face it, you put your heart and soul in it.  I did it for over a decade and then life changed, in a good way, marriage happens, babies happen, a relocation happened and the next thing I know is that passion starts to become a distant memory. It becomes one of those things that I know how to do when necessary. Kind of a hobby so to speak, it changes from a roaring inferno to a barely kindling flame.

That’s when the question arises, do you try to reignite it or did it go out/fizzle for a reason?  You have to ask yourself, after so long, why did it die? Is there a way to merge that old passion with something new?  Or is it simply time to move on? Relocating to Texas was the beginning of a new chapter that felt like it was the start of everything new.  At the time I did not know what it was but I think unconsciously I made up my mind that I was done with my clothing line. No reason other than wanting to start fresh.

It’s funny how sometimes life changes not only our friendships, maturity level, careers, aspirations, dreams,  and actions but also how we define ourselves and how we sometimes tend to look at ourselves and wonder, OK is this something that I still really want to do? Is this something that I still want to pursue enough to essentially start over in a new state? Even when the question is posed to me by others the answer continues to be no.  Still with no plan in mind as to where the new passion was headed, I knew it wasn’t backwards.  Walking backwards never leads towards progressing forward. 

Everyone needs a creative outlet and during my rediscovery I was truly missing mines.  I went and purchased patterns and fabric in an attempt to makes the girls some dresses and to this day, they are still incomplete.  I was missing that form of creativity but realized it was there the entire time, every time my girls and I cooked together, every time I jotted down a recipe or a random thought in my note book that was passion was blossoming right before my eyes. Mentoring girls has always been a passion of mines, 6-7 years ago I had started a mentorship program called “Sewing Seeds” teaching girls how to sew and instilling self-confidence.  Now I mentor my own girls daily (at least I try to).

Even with cooking I enjoy the creativity I am able to bring to the kitchen, ways I am able to bring new and healthy ways to enjoy food, and how people can incorporate their children to into their everyday cooking routines.  Food is the center of all things great in our house whether it’s a holiday, special occasion, or just a typical day. It’s when conversations are had, stories are shared, and memories are made.  Food can bring out the creativity in anyone. Is cooking like crafting? Will it fill that void that not sewing has left? Because sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision, even when every fiber in my body tells me I did. Honestly, we’ve been in Texas for three years and I’ve only used my sewing machine maybe four- five times; the majority of those times were to repair my daughter’s dress-up gowns.

This somewhat reminds me of the circle of life or the passion circle of life. Which is not saying that you are above something but your new circumstances have spun you in another direction.  Maybe you will come back around to it later, maybe not.  What is certain is that as life changes our situation changes.  Sometimes things are for a reason and a season and I think that saying applies to all circumstances in life so I can look at the situation almost like a spring cleaning, getting the junk in the back of my mind, as opposed to belaboring it, allowing room for the new stuff/ideas. Once I have accepted that I am truly done with this, it’s time to move forward there’s a new passion in the making, new avenues that I need to explore with my career that I feel will take me much further than my last passion, as wonderful as it was, then I can fully embrace what is in store for me!  God has mapped out a brilliant path for me and I have now embraced that things happen in his timing but when it does, I’ll be ready to watch it beautifully unfold.

The lesson in this is: if you are you struggling between two passions or considering a career change? Remember there is a reason and a season for everything.  There’s a reason why that new thought or opportunity was presented to you so the question is: Is it time to rotate in your circle, or is there a reason that you are still clinging to that season?




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