Real Confessions of a Twin Mom!

As I watched my daughters water their gardens today I marveled at the miracles and blessings that God has bestowed upon us. These 2 take me through the full range of emotions.  From laughing so hard I’m in tears to taking a time out and crying somewhere they can’t see me. People ask all the time “how do you do it?” My response is always “take it day by day with a hope and a prayer”. It’s funny because I see myself in both of them, the extreme side so it seems. The mood swings are unpredictable and as of late we haven’t had a moody free day.  The girls flip flop, almost like before they go to sleep they have a discussion, “who should throw tantrums tomorrow?” “Well I did yesterday so I guess you can and I’ll cover the whining and not listening to anything I’m asked to do!” “Cool I’ll top it off by making a huge mess upstairs and pretend to clean it up for 2 hours.” In unison, “Goodnight sister!”

This may be a little extreme but it definitely feels how it plays out. On school days they add in extra for drama and rotate wardrobe meltdowns. Honestly even with all of that I wouldn’t change a thing. My daughters are my air, blood, and heart! Yes even when I’m having my own meltdown while they are fighting. What I love best about being their mother is that God chose me for the job!💕


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